Memorize dates forever

Memorizing numbers has never been my strong suit. I spend many hours reading history and unfortunately dates can be critically important in some subjects. I recently learned this technique that would’ve made my school years much easier and less stressful. Here are the three quick steps: I. Getting used to the relation. This is the … More Memorize dates forever

The Price of Love

Mail-order brides have become a huge industry in this era. You might remember Jim Carrey getting an Iranian wife in Yes Man; well, it’s not that simple. We will not be talking about human trafficking today, or scams and murders; only about those websites where women consensually create their own profile and are genuinely looking … More The Price of Love

Never bored

Working with history makes me have existential thoughts very often. It’s a constant reminder for me that time passes and what’s done is done, I’m not immortal, even though I think I am sometimes. This may sound ‘depressing’, but the truth is, I’m glad it makes me aware. I can’t recall the last ocassion I was … More Never bored

Your Butter Brain

A couple months ago I was reading all these brain articles and a panic attack rushed over me. “One glass of wine a day won’t do you any harm”, except it does! To your brain! Also, the Alzheimer’s disease is supposed to triple in the next 25 years, and in my opinion, that’s one of … More Your Butter Brain

Different City?

I get so excited about new experiences. Trips, concerts, meeting new people or just adding a funny story to the list… even if I have to be assaulted by gypsies, sleep in a Bratislava hostel and be traumatized for days. I’ll do what it takes. The joy of walking streets new to my eyes, talking … More Different City?

New to Blogging

It’s crazy moving to a new city. Changes are a given, and the completely new surroundings inspire me to do something I’ve always wanted to try: blogging. Before I start with my random posts, I have to share that I: Volunteer and work at a couple Art and History museums Have History Books all over my … More New to Blogging